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Enjoy Art in the Office

Art Rental Services for Commercial Spaces


Matome Ramatsui Art Charter is a service for small, medium and large business across a wide variety of industries. From professional offices looking to impress your clients to growing startups aiming to motivate your team and personalise your space, we have the solution for you.


There are many benefits for your business that come with renting artworks instead of making an immediate purchase.


A rental agreement provides you with a significant testing period in which you can discover which artworks best suit you, your space, and your clients. This freedom to live with the piece ensures you make the best decisions while saving valuable costs in time and money associated with the management and administration of art acquisition.


Our rental option additionally allows your business to maintain healthy cashflow by spreading costs over a longer period while immediately receiving professional services. With the monthly fees being credited, the buy-out option provides you with the opportunity to purchase an artwork you enjoy at any stage of the rental period.


The most exciting advantage of renting artworks is the ability to have a dynamic working environment with revolving artworks. We provide the ability to arrange custom rental periods that best suit your business. Whether you look to transform your space every month or keep a certain feel for half a year, the choice is yours and Matome Ramatsui Art Charter will make sure the entire process as seamless as possible.

Twisted Staircase





We take care of the entire process. From the design and curation stage to installation and rotation, our experienced team will allow you the luxury of getting involved as much or as little as you like. 

Our fully customisable agreements open up the possibility to easily mix prints and originals, as well as the ability to combine purchase and rental options. You can pay up front or over time.

To maintain a fresh and relevant space, we rotate the artwork at the frequency of your choosing. This tailor made solution ensures your space remains as dynamic as the people who visit and work there

To ensure that you get the perfect artwork every time, we have partnered with galleries and artists to provide a wide catalogue of pieces in a variety of sizes and styles. Our network provides the option to arrange commissions and installations if desired.

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