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Art Rental Services for Residential and Commercial Spaces

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Illustrated Art


Custom and interactive selection for individuals and households

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Art Display


Turnkey service designed for small, medium and large businesses


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Art is often overlooked as an integral part of society, but instead as one of its many singular aspects. When viewing art from a simply decorative lens, its power as a vehicle of societal expression is lost. A socio-political view on the other hand, leaves art only as a tool for change and revolution. From a purely financial lens, it dissolves into an inaccessible investment instrument reserved for the elite. A more wholistic perspective reveals the role Art plays in society as one of influence through communication. The reflective quality of art to represent the values, opinions, challenges and celebrations of a society, in turn immortalises them. Through artistic expression and documentation, cultures of all sizes maintain communication through space and time. The struggles and fears, the dreams and achievements, the pains and joys. These deeply human experiences are carried across time through Art.

It is for these reasons that many find joy in owning art. The multidimensionality of Art lies not only in its societal role, but in its use for those who buy and collect it. There are countless studies outlining effects and benefits of owning art across different contexts and environments, but put briefly: Art transforms the environment it inhabits, leaving those in the space feeling good and inspired. With a constant 7.6% return, its a great investment. Finally, a motivator for buying art is supporting artists and the culture they cultivate.

As compelling as these reasons are, many still don’t buy art or feel that they can. This is due partly to cost and skewed perceptions that make owning art appear financially and mentally challenging. With limited knowledge and time, on an individual level Art is not seen as an immediate need for the home. For organisations, ownership isn’t always the answer as artworks come with storage, management, installation and various other costs. A healthy and varied, well curated, set of artworks isn’t easy to attain which creates a barrier to entry for many.

Matome Ramatsui Art Charter offers an elegant solution that caters to all. For individuals and organisations striving for well decorated spaces with cutting edge artworks, we offer custom lease agreements tailored to your specific needs. For a specified period of time, you periodically receive a set of artworks to display in your space. We've partnered with a network of emerging artists and premier galleries to provide premium artworks, professionally curated, delivered and installed on a monthly basis in your home, office, restaurant, event or any other space. 

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